Yes, yes, yes...
theHORSElet round #2 will soon open!



Thank you so much for round #1 of theHORSElet. We made history together because we could've never been able to predict what a huge success this outlet page would be. When PS's founder Karin Bjärle pitched the idea with this site, shortly after Corona broke out in earnest, we in the team were a bit sceptical at first. However, Karin believed strongly in the concept and we promised ourselves that we would spend exactly $0 on marketing and we would only stay open as long as we had enough products to sell.

With that said, we started the project and we went from idea to launch in just 10 working days.

The final of round #1 became a huge success fad (is that even a word?) when the entire AbiCart platform broke down and they then decided to shut down this page in order to keep the other stores on the platform functioning. After about six hours they chose to open .se but they still kept .com closed because they did not have the capacity for all the pressure from all of you who wanted to join our grand finale. All this, they told us only a day later and then everything was already sold out.

We have learned a lot from round #1 and first of all, You are magic customers. Secondly, that You are more than we could have dreamed of, and thirdly, we should get in writing from AbiCart that this should not happen again...

We are so grateful for round #1 and we are now preparing for round #2. A hot tip is to sign up for our newsletter below to get information about when round #2 is approaching and what you can expect from it. In addition, all members receive secret discount codes and this is something you do not want to miss...

While we are all waiting for round #2, you may want to check out our other site

You are the best!